BHM: Trina Turner

DELAWARE – Trina Turner is a BayHealth Nurse Navigator whose role at the hospital is essential, providing education, outreach, and resources for the community, and especially for her Black patients.

She is proud of the role she plays in ensuring that patients receive fair and equitable healthcare. Turner works with Screening for Life, a program that provides free and low-cost health screenings for cancer detection.

“As an Afro-Latino woman I know the health disparities that are out there for our community, especially for the undeserved populations, and it’s important that I’m able to provide needed resources to the community and to be that person that can help them with whatever they may need, so for me that’s where I find joy and that’s where I find fulfillment, that I’m there and I’m their source if they need anything,” said Turner.

She is also actively involved in many volunteer organizations that focus on improving the quality of life and health outcomes of Delawareans.

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