Virginia lawmakers propose bill making Chincoteague Pony the official state pony


CHICOTEAGUE, VA. – The Chincoteague Pony could become the official pony of the State of Virgina.

The Chincoteague Fire Department tells us they were on a mission to make this happen, even reaching out to lawmakers.

Lawmakers responded, drafting up HB 1951 for the cause.

We’re told the pony breed’s popularity continues to grow and has become a real big tourist attraction for the town.

Fire Department personnel tells us if this legislation passes it won’t just be a win for the ponies. “It’s for us, the town of Chincoteague, and it makes tourism dollars. It will have people coming here to see the ponies. It’s also for the owners that have bought them and can say they have a piece of Virgina State history,” CVFC Public Relations Officer Hunter Leonard said.

The fire company now wants the community’s help, asking you to leave messages of support in the public comment section of that bill.

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