Strong charitable giving for local non-profits in 2022, sight set on growth for new year

DELMARVA — Although giving season has come and gone, The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore wants to remind you how important your support is to local non-profits whether big or small year-round.

President Erica Joseph says 2022 was another year of strong charitable giving for the foundation. She says those same efforts could be seen nationally.

Despite that, we’re told with things like inflation concerns and other challenges could cause some of that giving to decline.

Joseph tells us their focus this new year is still the same, helping non-profits doing great work in the community grow. “We over the past couple of years have been able to do a lot more operational type grants which have been really strong in helping organizations maintain those basic day to day operations,” Joseph said.

“That is a focus I think moving forward into 2023 for every organization is how to maximize your expenses so that you’re spending only what you need to spend. Then, also making sure that you’re building on those new grant opportunities through the foundation and other places.”

Joseph also tells us that several local non-profits saw much growth over the last year.

She encourages those in the community to find a cause you’re passionate about and either donate or volunteer.

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