Weather Tidbits: Winterizing & Energy Saving Tips

This Weather Tidbits explains ways on how to winterize your home & tips on how to save money during the winter. You can winterize outside by checking your chimneys, weather stripping your doors to keep doors snug & tight. You can also cover foundation vents that will keep cold air out of the basement & keep your floors warmer too; and also clean the gutters especially when leaves begin to fall in autumn.  Winterizing inside your home consist of sealing windows airtight, insulating exposed pipes, checking monoxide detectors and caulking air cracks & gaps. Lastly, some big energy tips to consider are open the curtains of south-facing windows during day for natural heating of the sun but also close them at night to retain that same heat. Another tip is to adjust the thermostat higher when away or asleep and lower at home or awake.


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