Weather Tidbits: Snow Ratios

This Weather Tidbits explains snow ratios and how’s it dependent on temperature. The wetness or dryness of snow depend on how much liquid content is within that falling snow; which is also dependent on the temperature. This determines the snow ratio or the amount of snow needed to get one inch of water or rain. When the temperature is slightly above freezing the snow will partially melt and fall as wet snow; producing ratios as low as 5″ of snow to 1″ of rain. Wet snow is great for making snowballs & snowmen; but frustrating to shovel and clean your car out of because it’s heavy, along with just being stuck as well.

A typical snow where temperatures are just slightly under freezing has a ratio of 10 to 1.  A dry snow happens when temperatures are well below freezing; that has a higher ratio such as 20 to 1″ because of its low water content. Wet snow is powdery or fluffy which is great because it can get easily blown and brushed away since it’s light; but can also be a problem if it’s windy reducing visibility.

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