Weather Tidbits: La Niña & Winter

This Weather Tidbits explores El Niño counterpart La Niña and its effect on the United States during the winter. Normally, trade winds (which blow east to west) push warm surface waters towards Asia. However, in certain years, trade winds are stronger than usual; causing cooler water to surface in the eastern Pacific which is La Niña. The typical pattern in the winter for the United States during the winter; consist of the Pacific jet being further north along the Canadian border in the Pacific Northwest & northern Rockies eventually meeting up with the Polar jet, which plunges south over the Great Lakes & Northeast. This leads to cool conditions for the Pacific northwest, northern Rockies and Plains; with wet conditions also for the Pacific Northwest and also over the Tennessee & Ohio Valley. Dry & warm conditions are common for the Gulf Coast, Florida & Texas & parts of the Desert Southwest.

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