The Shepherd’s Office hosts holiday community drive for homeless population, those in need

GEORGETOWN, Del.- “We have a lot of people who aren’t housed. At Christmas, we think about gifts and holiday feasts. A lot of them are just trying to figure out how to stay warm,” Browing said.

The Shepherd’s Office in Georgetown was on a mission to provide those in need with items to brave the current cold front and a holiday meal with turkey and all the fixings, as they hosted a community drive Saturday.

“The temperatures have been so cold. Even though its cold, people are coming out and just joining together. We have more volunteers than I think we’ve ever had today,” Browning said.

Hats, gloves, coats, and even toys were up for grabs. We’re told it was all thanks to donations. “We have families, friends of volunteers here that know what we do, and churches. Also, just people in the community who come by and say ‘what can I do?'” Browning said.

We got the chance to chat with one recipient turned volunteer on how the organization’s service changed his life. “I’m a military veteran. I’ve had a lot of tough things happen and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve been injured and wounded numerous times. When I came back, I couldn’t even get a job,” Volunteer John L. Fitzgerald II said. 

“As long as you come and you have a heart to try and change your life, you can get it if you come here.”

Although it’s the season of giving, Assistant Director Greta Browning tells us their helping hand reaches out year-round. “We welcome everyone who is hungry, homeless, or lonely. You don’t have to be all 3. We all get hungry and lonely. It doesn’t matter, we just want people to come and share love with them,” Browning said.

The Shepherd’s Office tells us their still in need of items like hand warmers amid the extreme cold temperatures.

Donations are always accepted.

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