New Year, new you? Industry experts provide tips on maintaining your New Year resolutions

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DELMARVA – Saving more, eating better, and even exercising might be on your vision board for 2023. Yet, how you tackle those goals will determine if they become reality.

Gun Wealth Management CEO La Mar Gunn says if financial freedom is one of them, creating a budget and cutting some expenses can go a long way. “Whether it’s the cable bill or not having two cell phones. Maybe it’s not eating out 2 or 3 times a week,” Gunn said.

“And you won’t do it if you try to save what’s left after spending versus saving first then spending what’s left after you saved. Invest in yourself for your own financial freedom plan.”

When it comes to minimizing debt, Gunn advises you to identify your smallest ones first. “I would tell you if you had small debts like $100, $200, $500, or even $1,000, start paying more on those to get them out of the way to create small victories. This will motivate you and create the extra cash you can use to apply that to the bigger debts,” Gunn said.

If you’re setting your eyes on adding more nutrition to your diet, TidalHealth Peninsula’s Clinical Dietitian Tamara Giles says before creating a plan you should figure out what food groups you aren’t currently consuming enough of.

“Ideally, we’re going for long-term lifestyle changes not fad dieting,” Giles said. “If you do need to change all of them, then doing that at once would be too much. If you only need to change things about just one of them, that may be easier to start with.”

Giles adds that’s especially important for those looking to change their eating habits due to underlining health conditions. “There are times where you may not see very much difference in the scale, but when you’re looking at comparing measurements, blood pressure, or blood sugar, people may see changes there first and that helps keep you motivated,” Giles said.

Those we spoke with also say new beginnings have no set time frame. “There is nothing magical about January 1st or Monday’s. If you decide to make a change and decide to start on a Wednesday or Friday afternoon, go for it,” Giles said.

Before deciding on any goal when it comes nutrition, we’re told you should first do a basic online assessment to see when you are. Questions will be around how you’re doing with food intake from different food groups like veggies and even fruit.

If you at home have a goal of decreasing debt, Gunn also says that you should contact your local financial institution on the products and services they have available to help you consolidate some of that debt.

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