Maryland Mobile Gambling Launch: State touts safety as users begin placing bets via cellphone

MARYLAND- Today marks the launch of mobile sports betting in Maryland, and regulators are stressing the safety measures that new options will offer.

The seven sports books that were given clearance to launch today, all have built-in features designed to detect problem gambling and alert users of their spending habits.

Users will be able to opt into setting limits for their monthly spending as well as the apps telling users when they are close to those limits.

The apps however will not bar users from spending their money, unless they go over their self-imposed limits.

“You are able to have more protections better protections in a mobile platform than you would in a land-based casino you can have time limits and spend limits and those can be monitored to make sure players are operating within their own bounds way more than in a traditional casino,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin.

Now our closest Casino, Ocean Downs Casino is not launching its own sports betting site yet, but that does not mean that those here on the shore are locked out.
They can use any of the other licensed apps if they are of age and within the boundaries of the state at the time.

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