Weather Tidbits: Enhanced Fujita Scale

It’s all about the Enhanced Fujita Scale in this Weather Tidbits. The Enhanced Fujita Scale went into effect in 2007 to assign a tornado rating based on estimated wind speeds and related damage. The rating is made up of 6 categories from EF0 to EF5. EF0 is a weak tornado with light damage and winds between 65-85 mph; involving branches broken off trees. EF1 also has a character of a weak tornado but with moderate damage; such as roof surfaces peeled off and winds between 86-110 mph.

EF2 is a strong tornado and considerable damage with winds between 111-135 mph; which leave mobile homes demolished. EF3 remains strong with severe damage like trains overturned and winds between 136-165 mph. EF4 is a violet tornado producing devastating damaging with winds between 166-200 mph that have cars thrown. EF5 is violet with incredible damage and winds over 201 mph; where strong frame houses are lifted off their foundations.

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