The Brightside: Trey Campbell, local artist turned producer

DELMARVA – Trey Campbell, Crisfield native turned reggae artist made it big, and now that he’s essentially retired from performing, he’s back on the Eastern shore hoping to give other artists a chance to achieve the same, if not even more success.

It’s been seven years since we met Campbell, a local reggae artist, and songwriter turned international dance hall reggae recording artist. “Some people doubt you and then some people believe in you so either way, you have to have drive either way,” says Campbell. He tells us, his success can be greatly attributed to his inner circle of family, and friends. Campbell adds, “I love the people that helped me out, to promote me from Ms. Brown to Ms. Bowen, a lot of people.

Campbell went on to ghostwrite for popular artists, even finding some of his songs on the Billboard charts. He’s worked with Beenie Man, Trey Songz, Dj Khaled, and even Rihanna. However, through his time performing and writing, he’s found the next verse in his song, a producer. “I wanted to retire but luckily I found more artists that I wanted to help and develop and every once in a while you kind of bump into somebody and I bumped into new artists,” says Campbell.

He is working with local artists to help get their start in the industry, while also working to open his recording studio right here on the shore, giving him more opportunities to find more local artists. “The Eastern shore, it’s kind of hard, but on the Eastern shore, there’s a lot of big talent pool I noticed. So I think for the Eastern shore, it’s kind of hard to get their music heard and to get it out there and do it correctly.” Campbell adds, “It’s like a project but sometimes you can bring out a talent in people that they never knew they had.”

Now Campbell is working with six different artists, those who he has what he considers confidence, and spunk, while also setting themselves a part in the music industry. One of those artists, who goes by ‘Dem Marshall,’ says Campbell is truly helping him do just that. “It’s amazing meeting Trey and then realizing who he is as a person, he’s so musically inclined.” Marshall adds, “When I say musically inclined, especially to reggae music and what it means to us, it has that effect that it would have on any Jamaican. So for a black American to absorb that and give off that feedback I was in awe.”

Marshall, who is originally from Jamaica tells 47 ABC, he came to the Eastern shore five years ago, looking for what he considers the American dream for an artist. “It’s a bigger platform in terms of showcasing my music and being here in America I can really tap into these platforms more easily than I would be able to in Jamaica,” he explains.

Through his work with Campbell, Marshall says he has some bigger plans in the works he truly thinks he can obtain. “My goal is to be on a Grammy stage and collect a Grammy, I see myself performing on a Grammy stage at some point in the future.”

Meanwhile, Campbell tells us, he’s going to keep working to put the Eastern shore on the map, and artists like Dem Marshall on the stage. “I would continue pushing with it until I’m pushing up daises I guess, either way, I’m pushing.”

Campbell also tells us, he’s working on a community event where he would bring artists to the Eastern shore to put on a concert, along with crash prizes and gift card giveaways, just focusing on giving back to the community that gave him his start.

Dem Marshall’s first album will be out in the coming months on all streaming platforms, you can currently find him on YouTube.

Any local artists looking to get in touch with Campbell can reach him at 302-883-9516.

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