National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month: Cyberbullying

47ABC – October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. 47ABC’s Jordie Clark spoke with Titania Jordan, who created an internet safety tool for parents and is an outspoken advocate for bullying prevention efforts. Also, more specifically she works to create awareness of bullying which she says has truly changed bullying tactics and their effect on our children.

Titania says it’s up to parents to decide what sort of monitoring safety measures they would like to take. Whether it’s her company BARK or another parental monitoring service it’s important to help your child navigate social media on their own while also making sure they’re being protected in this digital realm.

She also tells us, parents can join the Facebook group “Parenting in a Tech World” to talk to other parents who are working on bullying prevention methods while also leaning on one another to help.

If you or anyone else is struggling help is available 24/7 just call or text 988 to chat with the suicide and crisis lifeline.

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