Delaware State Rep. Candidate speaks out after signs were stolen in Sussex County

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. – A Delaware State Representative Candidate is speaking out after her campaign signs were stolen in Sussex County.

Amy Fresh, independent candidate for the newly formed District 4 House seat, had over a quarter of her signs stolen in the Long Neck, Oak Orchard areas, costing her campaign hundreds of dollars.

“It’s not right,” Fresh told our Rob Petree. “There’s money involved in that, it’s personal property, there’s time that was spent putting those signs out, and why can’t we just keep the elections fair? Let all names be out there, let the public have awareness of all candidates that are running, and let the best man or woman win.”

Nearly all of the signs were stolen not long after they were put up. Fresh, who’s a small business owner, says this actually ties into her message on why she’s running, to fight corruption.

“I’m running, number one, is right here, exposing this corruption, and bringing to light that behavior, because if somebody’s gonna take a sign, then what else are they stealing from us?,” Fresh said emphatically. “What are they taking from you or me, or our families and our children, not only now but in the future, and is that the type of behavior that we want to represent us in the state’s General Assembly?”

Fresh urges anyone with any information regarding the thefts to contact Delaware State Police who are investigating. She is running against Republican Jeff Hilovsky and Democrat Keegan Worley.

Anyone with credible information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible are urged to call the Delaware State Police or call Independent Party Officials at (302) 354- 6452 or e-mail:

The general election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

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