66 dogs and cats airlifted to Delaware from Florida now up for adoption

DELAWARE  – Hurricane Ian not only impacted residents of Florida, but also animals. Now, over 60 of them are being given a second chance at life after being rescued and flown to Delaware.

A total of 66 dogs and cats were rescued from shelters across the most battered areas of Florida following the effects of the storm, and now those animals are up for adoption with the Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA).

“These are animals that didn’t have families before the storm,” explained Linda Torelli, Chief Marketing Officer with BVSPCA. “We’re taking them out of the shelters, so that the damaged shelters can get some relief and then the shelters locally have room for the family pets to stay local and get reunited with their families if they’ve been disconnected.”

Organizations like BVSPCA had to step up in a big way to clear shelter space in Florida where rescue officials will have their hands full trying to reunite local displaced pets with their families.

“One of the big learners from Katrina for instance was people all over the country wanted to help but what ended up happening was people’s families pets ended up all over the country,” Torelli told our Rob Petree. “It’s a big relief to us to know when we see a disaster, this is our way that we can help.”

Many shelters across the sunshine state have been severely damaged, forcing animal rescue organizations to scramble to help the animals who were caught in the crosshairs.

“It’s really a dire situation,” Torelli emphasized. “If you look at the situation in Florida, you’ve got families with damaged homes, maybe can’t have their pets where they’re staying temporarily, you’ve got pets that are at-large from the storm, and you’ve also got an environment where people aren’t thinking of adopting, they’ve got critical priorities in their families.”

While officials are happy to help, the dozens of new animals making their way to BVSPCA have their organization at a high level of capacity.

“66 is a significant intake for us,” Torelli stated. “We have about 50 animals per day that already come into our shelters, these are locally lost animals, cruelty cases, so we’re continuing to that work, so to take those 66 animals up on top, the staff is working extra hard.”

Nearly all of the dogs and cats that were relocated from Florida are already up for adoption. For additional information on how to adopt, visit https://bvspca.org/.

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