Scott Walker files as write-in candidate for Congress in Delaware

WILMINGTON, Del. – Scott Walker, the controversial and unconventional candidate who ran and won the GOP nomination for Congress in 2018, is back and has officially filed as a write-in candidate for the same seat he lost just four years ago.

Walker’s campaign was at the center of controversy and faced mounting criticism during the 2018 midterm elections after he got a DUI, live-streamed an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and made what many considered to be racist remarks on social media. He ultimately secured the Republican nomination at the time but lost in the General Election to Lisa Blunt-Rochester.

Now, after a failed political bid in North Carolina, he’s back in the First State hoping voters will write him in to serve in Congress.

“I’m not a member of a political party, you can look me up on the elections website, I am unaffiliated,” Walker told 47 ABC. “That’s the kind of person we need now to step up and lead us out of this hole that we’ve dug for ourselves.”

Despite the issues that plagued his campaign in 2018, he says he hasn’t quit drinking.

“You don’t care whether the quarterback drinks or not, you just wanna win,” Walker stated. “Or a general, you’re in the line of battle, and you’re getting ready to get killed, and you don’t care if your general is a drunk, you wanna live, you want him to be good. I love my wine. Chardonnay is what I like. It helps me, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t drink beer because it puts too much weight on me, but I weighed what I weighed in high school, 155 pounds, I lost a hundred pounds.”

During the course of setting up the interview with Walker, he unexpectedly sent our Rob Petree videos of him in his underwear. He also told us that he’s doing anything he can to stir up controversy.

Republican Lee Murphy will face off against incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester in the general election this November. You can find a full list of all candidates, including Walker and the rest of the filed write-ins, on the Delaware Department of Elections website:

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