Georgetown employees granted continued access to hunt on town owned land

GEORGETOWN, Del. – A topic of discussion at Monday night’s Georgetown Town Council meeting was whether or not to continue to allow town employees to hunt on town owned land.

Concerns were brought forth recently in the Town of Georgetown over town employees being able to hunt on town owned land, and the potential liability the town could face if someone were to be injured in a hunting accident.

Despite the Town Solicitor recommending not to continue to allow the hunting, citing potential liability concerns, council moved forward and continued to allow it, but with certain exceptions.

“They’ve been doing it for such a long period of time, and I think if they sign a waiver, and to me it’s one of the perks of being a town employee,” Councilwoman Angela Townsend stated. “If we can kind of grant them permission to hunt on town property, why not?”

Several parcels of land, which are owned by the town, are currently being used by employees to hunt on. Those pieces of land are currently being used primarily for wastewater collection and conveyance, and are heavily wooded.

If someone were to be injured, the town could bear the risk of liability, a concern that was raised by Mayor Bill West.

“Let me tell ya, the area that these guys hunt in, a tent was found with a deceased individual in it, so we know that some of the homeless, like we’ve talked earlier, are staying in this area,” Mayor West stated. “Do we want that chance of somebody shooting somebody in a tent? I don’t think we want that responsibility for the town.”

It’s worth noting that the homeless person Mayor West was referring to was not killed by someone hunting, but the concern for their safety out there remains.

Ultimately, council voted to continue to allow the hunting for active and retired town employees, but they must get approval and sign a waiver beforehand. No firearm hunting of any kind will be allowed within town limits.

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