Worcester County Public Schools kick off the new school year with an air of excitement

OCEAN CITY, Md.- A sea of navy blue filling the Ocean City Convention Center Tuesday, as open ears listen to leaders getting teachers excited about the start of a new school year.

“I have the opportunity as Superintendent for just a few minutes to speak to the entire school system and also to bring in a national speaker to help motivate and prepare us for the upcoming year,” Worcester County Superintendent Lou Taylor said.

This is the biggest event the Worcester County school system holds every year. It’s a time to celebrate a new chapter, while also showing appreciation for teachers and unity.

“They work together, this is not a one man job, this is a village,” Beth Shockley-Lynch, a teacher and President of Worcester County’s Teacher Association, said.

“It’s extremely important every year, but I think this year more than ever because we are coming off of really some tough times, the last two and a half years,” Superintendent Taylor said. “I’m so proud of Worcester County Public Schools and how they’ve handled adversity and the things that we’ve been through.”

But, these aren’t the only messages being spoken inside of these walls. A motivational speaker shares the importance of happiness. “You know our profession is tough, it’s getting tougher every year, I’ve been at this now for 39 years and the changes that I’ve seen are just incredible,” Superintendent Taylor said. “So, when she spoke about having a balance between your personal self and your professional self really resonated with me.”

The speaker also spoke about the impact that that positivity can have. “Her message of making sure you do all of your self care, taking care of yourself will resonate with your students,” Shockley- Lynch said.

“Ultimately, we want our teachers to feel good about themselves, personally and professionally, and we also we want that to permeate and radiate through our entire school system,” Superintendent Taylor said.

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