White Marlin Open Day 4 Recap

OCEAN CITY, Md. – There are finally Blue and White Marlins on the board.

Both categories saw placements for the first time during the open.

“C-Student” out of Southside Place, Tx. leads the White Marlin category with a 71.5lbs White Marlin. “Cabana” from Fenwick Island, De. has the top spot in the Blue Marlin category with a 511-pound Blue Marlin.

White Marlin Open leaderboard after Day 4:

White Marlin

71.5 lbs- C- Student, Southside Place, Tx.-  Keeley Megarity, Houston, Tx.

Blue Marlin

511 lbs- Cabana, Fenwick Island, De.- Bill Britt, Sandy Spring, Md.


247.5 lbs- Southern C’s, Ocean City, Md. – Jason Hersh,  Maple Glen, Pa.

246.5 lbs – Big Stick, Ocean City, Md. – Anderson Bowen, Suwanee, Ga.

242.5 lbs – Komotose, Manteo, Nc. – Richard Hawse, Pasadena, Md


71 lbs – Jenny Poo, Palm Beach, Fla. – Chris Thompson, Mount Airy, Md.

54 lbs- WaterMarlin, Seaford, De. – Hans Mulford, Seaford, De.
51.5 lbs – Irish Twin – Patrick Brown, Miami, Fla.


59.5lbs- Irene, Stuart, Fl. – Frank Sinito Jr, Cleveland, Oh.

28 lbs – JEB, Ocean City, Md. – Vince Piaccinini, Lutherville, Md.

26.5 lbs – c- student, Southside Place, Tex. – Keeley Megarity, Houston, Tex.


There are no leaders at the moment.

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