Weather Tidbits: UV Index Scale

This Weather Tidbits dives into the UV Index Scale and how to protect yourself from a sunburn while using the scale. The UV index scale represents the daily strength of sunburn-protecting ultraviolet (UV) radiation around the Sun’s highest point (solar noon). The UV Index scale consists of 5 categories from 1-11+. 1-2 is a low risk where at least 15+ SPF sunscreen is needed outside. The UV index increases to moderate between 3-5 and by this point, make sure to see shade from the midday sun. A high risk of 6 or 7, means you should start limiting time outside. A UV index of very high in red of 8-10 or extreme which is 11 and over; is when to avoid the sun between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.

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