Movie goers share memories, ahead of OC’s Sun and Surf Cinema closing its doors September 5

OCEAN CITY, Md.- If you’ve visited Ocean City’s Sun and Surf Cinema, you may have made lasting memories, whether that be snacking on the buttery movie theater popcorn, or catching the latest popular film.

“We’ve had a place in Ocean City since 1986 so we’ve been coming here for a long time we’ve seen a lot of movies,” Shirley Howes, a movie goer, said.

“It was enjoyable having a movie to go besides the beach,” Alvin Howes, a movie goer, said.

But, if you’re looking to enjoy more time between these movie theater walls your days are numbered. After 50 years of business, the theater located off of Coastal Highway, will be closing its doors. on September 5. “This building is an iconic part of this town; it will be missed,” Andrew Seyler, the Sun and Surf Cinema General Manager, said.

This is heartbreaking news for some movie goers, like Alvin and Shirley, who have been coming to resort town since they were young. “Sad, sad I just hope that the theater down at Gold Coast doesn’t close because that’s the only one left in town and we certainly don’t want to across during the summer,” Shirley said.

But, these visitors aren’t the only ones feeling this way. Those who have helped it operate said they’ll treasure the times they’ve spent here too. “I am going to miss is the smell of the popcorn, the sound of a movie projector running, the cheer of the audience at the end of a movie like ‘Top Gun,’ and the craziness of a rainy beach day,” Seyler said.

In addition, Seyler will miss all the connections they’ve made with people walking through the doors. “It’s been very comfortable being here for the last 15 years, I’ve gotten to know the local community much better and the loyal customers that come here on a regular basis,” Seyler said.

While we’re told the theater can’t get into the details of the closing, they have shared it was bought by a local hotel developer.

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