Motivational duo visits local elementary school, provide tips on keeping positivity in the classroom

SALISBURY, Md.- Faculty and staff at Beaver Run Elementary got an inspiring message Wednesday to help foster more positive interactions in the classroom ahead of the upcoming school year.

Motivational speakers Dewayne Batiste and Donna Porter stopped by to share their story of how one teacher’s faith in a student with a troubled past changed the direction of his life.

The duo also spoke on the importance of educators nurturing their relationships with their students.

They say their needs to be a focus on the missing piece in education system; healthy peer to peer connections. “Because the more connection we have the less correction we need. That’s the missing piece in the education system because we don’t want to hurt people we’re connected to,” Dewayne Batiste said.

“Looking at relationships as the most important foundational piece in early childhood so that by the time they get into elementary and secondary these kids are offered more strategies on how to manage their own upset,” Donna Porter said.

The duo also says its imperative that teachers approach students misbehaving as a sign that something else could be going on and making sure their classroom is a safe space for them to share what’s going on.

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