MD State Conference Youth and College NAACP looking to make more connections for change

MARYLAND- Educate, inform, and empower, it’s a mission the Maryland State Conference Youth and College NAACP strive for by working with organizations, school chapters, and more.

“So, that encompasses our collegiate chapters” Dorien Rogers, President of the Maryland State Conference Youth and College NAACP, said. “So, you know neighboring Salisbury University NAACP, University of Maryland Eastern Shore NAACP, as examples, but then also the youth councils attached to anybody under the age of 25.”

They said while there are problems impacting communities they want to encourage young people that no matter what background they come from they still have the power to create solutions. “What people really need to understand is its an inter-sectional movement; people just not based on ethnicity, but also sexual orientation, gender, people with disabilities, socioeconomic status,” Rogers said.

“The only way that we can make a real difference is if we start as young as possible and we keep this fight into our adulthood so that we can really make a change and make a difference throughout the state of Maryland,” Laila Amin, Vice President of the Maryland State Conference Youth and College NAACP, said.

For some time, getting that message across was difficult though.

“Definitely with COVID because there wasn’t a lot of new youth coming in, that caused the collapse of the youth and college division,” Amin said.

But now they’re back up and running and trying to get people to join them in their work. “We have already been hitting the ground running with interacting with the system of Maryland to ensure again that they are promoting policies, that are again, consciously promoting equity accessibility and inclusion,” Rogers said.

As well as, offering up their resources to fight things like housing insecurity.

“By getting into those grassroots organizations, hopefully we can offer them volunteer assistance and maybe monetary assistance when it comes to helping them,” Amin said.

“If we are talking about empowering our youth to get involved, how can they be plugged in into achieve this notion of success when again they have to go through these barriers,” Rogers said.

We’re told one of the organizations the division is trying to partner with is the Fenix Youth Project in Salisbury.

If you want to be a member of the NAACP, visit for more information.

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