‘Like a bomb went off’ Smith Island picks up the pieces after Tornado strikes Rhodes Point


SMITH ISLAND, Md- Residents in Smith Island Friday are packing up the remains of destroyed homes, waiting for power, and relying on the cooperation of neighbors as they grapple with the damage from a tornado strike Thursday night.

Those on the island were thankful no one was hurt when the Tornado touched down in Rhodes Point, including the third floor from a rental property that was ripped and thrown across the field, and despite a close call for 88-year-old Doris Bradshaw who was inside her home when the tornado brought it down around her.

Neighbor Katherine Donaway says her home was spared, but she watched as it went through Bradshaw’s home before running in.

“My husband was upstairs and he saw it looked like the trailer exploded, and when I went in she had debris on top of her I cleared her face,” she said.

Her In-law Josh Thiess says it’s a miracle she was unharmed, and he, his family and neighbors were out salvaging what they could from what’s left of her home.

Mary Beth Carozza toured the damage Thursday afternoon and promised help in the form of power, and funding would be available.

“We wanted to be here in person because we don’t know yet what the requests for assistance will be but we want to reinforce those requests,” she said adding “the real push now is to get that power back on and move forward with cleanup and recovery.”

Residents say in the meantime, it’s a community effort to bring water, food, and supplies to those in need.

“Just shows you how tight-knit it is everyone pulls together,” Donaway said.






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