Lack of rain hurting soybean crop for local farmer

DELMARVA- A Worcester County farmer spoke with 47ABC about how his crops are fairing with the weather we’ve been having lately.

Farmer Virgil Shockley said he hasn’t gotten rain in the last three weeks on his Snow Hill farm. He said the weather hasn’t really impacted his corn crop. “We had a good early July, it tasseled, it silked, so we had a weather situation where the corn crop was able to produce a good ear of corn,” Shockley said.

But, Shockley said he can’t say the same for his soybeans. Virgil said while they are waist tall, some of the bean pods on the top are not forming because of a lack of rain, which means less beans compared to this time last year.

“So, what you’re getting is the pods that are there that have the beans in them are going to end up small because they didn’t get the water,” Shockley said. “You are going to end up with a decreased yield probably in the neighborhood of about a 40% cut would be my guess right now from where we were last year at this time.”

Virgil Shockley says even though he didn’t get a good bean crop, his corn will make him a good profit.

“The prices of corn are down a little bit now, Ukraine started shipping stuff out, which has effected the global market, but for the most part you’re still within range where there’s a profit to be made,” Shockley said.
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