Delaware groups give away 500 book bags and school supplies in Seaford

SEAFORD, Del.- A book bag giveaway got underway in Seaford on Sunday to make sure no child is left behind this upcoming school year.

Organizations including One Way Insurance Group, Summer J. Artisan Ice Pops, and NERDiT Now partnered to give away 500 book bags along with school supplies. We’re told this is a highly anticipated community event. And it’s an initiative that is very needed, especially with the rising costs of school supplies.

“Especially with a household that has multiple kids, it’s very hard.” Gertha Jean, the co-founder and host, said. “So, with us providing these things it’s going to at least take a little bit of the burden off their back to say hey some of they supplies are provided for their kids.”

The event went from 1 to 3 p.m. off of High Street. We’re told this is their 4th year putting on this giveaway.

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