Delaware DOJ joins White House discussion on abortion rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Officials from across the country, including Delaware, turned out to the White House today for a “Day of Action on Reproductive Rights.”

“The President I think unsurprisingly, when it was my turn to speak, said quite plainly what’s going on at home?,” explained Delaware Deputy Attorney General Alexander Mackler who traveled to the White House. “He wanted to know what’s going on in Delaware.”

That was the question from President Joe Biden on how best to protect reproductive rights in America following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

“It was a really wonderful meeting,” Mackler said. “The President spent a lot of time with us, it was myself representing Delaware, and folks from all over the country, from states where abortion and the right to choose remains firmly legal, and states where we have unfortunately seen a lot of rollbacks.”

Earlier this month, the Delaware Department of Justice launched a legal helpline for individuals and providers seeking legal advice on reproductive health care.

Mackler told President Biden about that and how the state is seeing more patients following the Supreme Court ruling.

“We are indeed seeing an uptick in patents since the Dobbs decision,” Mackler said. “The reproductive rights abortion providers in Delaware are seeing more patients than they were earlier this summer and in prior years.”

Women from not only across the region, but the entire country, are flocking to the First State for abortion care, according to Mackler.

“If you’re a woman who is in need of an abortion, you’re going to call around and call around until you find a place where you’re going to be able to have access and where you’re going to be able to afford to go,” Mackler stated. “We are seeing women from frankly across the country make their way to Delaware because of the rights that are sacrosanct in Delaware.”

Those seeking help in Delaware when it comes to abortion care can call the toll free helpline at (877) 312-2366 or visit

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