Commission Coffee Company brewing up organic cups of joe, creating family legacy

MILLSBORO, Del.- Meet Chris Bireley. He’s a husband, father, and coffee enthusiast.

After serving over 10 years as a barista at various shops, he’s trading in that title for a new one; owner of Commission Coffee Company in Millsboro. “Commission, part of the name, is that I felt commissioned to do this,” Bireley said.

“I think a lot of us knew something that Chris always had was a passion for coffee and a passion for people. Those two things he’s always really had,” Wife Felicia Bireley said.

Chris started out making his organic brews right from his home but with some helping hands he now has a physical space to serve his cup of Joe. “There’s a guy who attends our church and he owns Millsboro Pizza Palace. He said Chris do you have a space and I said I have my kitchen,” Bireley said.

“He gave me a deal I couldn’t refuse and he’s helping me launch.”

Starting a new business amid record high inflation is a challenge that many small owners are facing. “If you take a small business owner lets say a restaurant you would see the food prices have gone up dramatically. Food prices have increased like 30-40%. They can’t actually increase the menu prices by 30-40%, they have to absorb the costs,” Salisbury University Economics & Finance Professor Dr. Leonard Arvi said.

“The supply shortages I’ve already had issues with and I’m not even open yet. I’ve placed orders and shipments have been delayed,” Bireley said.

Chris tells me those fears are no match for his secret ingredient;  the supporting village behind Commission Coffee and the legacy he’ll leave his family. “I don’t want her to ever remember a time where she was like wow dad really let the pressure get to him. I want her to see struggles but I also want her to see us as a married couple overcome them,” Bireley said.

“Chris is already calling our daughter the coffee princess of the business and we’ll have a coffee prince soon. I guess that makes me the queen I don’t know,” Felicia said.

Commission Coffee Company’s first day of business will be Monday, August 8th.

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