After The Whistle: Worcester Prep’s Daniel Thompson

FRUITLAND, Md-  Meet Worcester Prep’s Daniel Thompson.

The rising senior has had a tumultuous scholastic career in soccer filled with high peaks and low valleys.

In his sophomore year, he was a team captain, this is where things shifted, in April of his sophomore year he tore his ACL,  causing a major roadblock in his journey to collegiate soccer.

He knew it was going to be a long road to recovery after surgery.

He says it took him seven months to properly run again at his normal speed. But because of the time of the tear, he had to miss out on his whole junior season

Being injured away from the game for so long forced him to rebuild himself as an athlete developing a new routine to strengthen his legs again and helped him become more refined in his training so he would minimize the risk of getting significantly hurt again.

Now he’s healthy and ready for his final season playing high school soccer.

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