22 huskies rescued from Felton home in deplorable conditions

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Over 20 huskies were rescued from a home that was essentially unlivable in Felton. Now, animal rescue officials are working to improve the health of the dogs and hopefully find them another home.

Officials with the Brandywine Valley SPCA were quick to spring into action and have been hard at work to save these loving dogs.

“Cases like this really get to the root of why we do this work,” explained Linda Torelli, chief marketing officer with the Brandywine Valley SPCA, who assumed care of the dogs after they were seized by Delaware Animal Services officers.

Most of the dogs will soon be up for adoption, but will require a bit of patience from their new owners as many were found underweight and suffering from severe social issues.

“The dogs did come in, several of them are a bit underweight, poor coat condition, and most notably, a few of them are pretty unsocialized and need to be brought out of their shell and build their confidence up,” Torelli explained. “These dogs have not lived in a typical home environment, so they do need to be prepared for training, like house training, leash walking, and some of the other things that you may take for granted with a regular adoption.”

Animals that were never truly given a chance to just be a dog, living in such conditions.

“These stories really are heart-breaking, but we look at them as hope, these dogs now have hope to have families, to be better cared for, they’re really very sweet and loving dogs, and huskies really are a terrific breed, they’ve got so much personality,” Torelli said. “This is really about transforming the lives of the animals, it’s also about connecting with the community, a concerned community member is who opened the door for these huskies, so this is about all of us working together to change the lives of these animals, and I can’t wait to start to see the stories of the adoption updates for these dogs.”

Quite a few of the dogs will actually be up for adoption as soon as Saturday at the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s Georgetown facility. Anyone interested in potentially adopting the dogs are encouraged to reach out to the Brandywine Valley SPCA by calling (302) 856-6361.

The Delaware Office of Animal Welfare is still investigating the case and has been limited on the information they will share at this time. 47 ABC will bring you the latest on this case as soon as additional information is made available.

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