Worcester County group pleased to see sports complex petition for a referendum moving forward

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md.- A group of Worcester County residents is excited to see a move forward for their petition for a referendum, as they received more signatures than they needed.

The People For Fiscal Responsibility Committee teamed up to make their voices heard about the funding source for a potential Worcester County Sports Complex. This came after Worcester County Commissioners voted to purchase property west of Stephen Decatur High School for $7.15 million and to pay for it with bonds. The group then decided to create a petition for a referendum due to concerns on how the complex would be funded. A spokesperson for the group says with the help of County residents that petition turned out to be a success. “Along with our core committee team, as well as the volunteers, we really accomplished what I think some have doubted us that we would be able to achieve,” Slobodan Trendic, a spokesperson for the People For Fiscal Responsibility Committee, said. “In a nutshell, we basically collected about 600 signatures more than required, so out of the 4,494 signatures we collected an additional 599 signatures.”

The group tells 47 ABC they’ve never been against the project and really wanted the County and the County Commissioners to be more creative with the funding source and possibly use private sector funding. Now, with the votes needed for a referendum registered voters in Worcester County will be be given the opportunity to vote on the bill related to the funding of the sports complex project.

“I think what we are basically going to wait to hear back from the county officials, obviously there is a protocol that needs to be followed in accordance with the state petition laws,” Trendic said.

Trendic added he hopes the commissioners take this opportunity to revisit the situation as it relates to the funding for the project and come up with a win-win situation for all.

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