Delmarva Sports History: The Dorchester County Baseball War

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – What was a friendly annual baseball event turned into all-out ‘war’ in 1936 in Cambridge.

Two semi-pro teams; the Phillips Packing Company and the local Coca-Cola franchise took part in the seven-game series to decide the city champion.

With the series in favor of Phillips 2-0, Coca-Cola head Joe Fowler went out and brought in some minor leaguers to help swing the balance of power.

It worked as Coca-Cola won game three.

With the ante raised Colonel Albanus Phillips made a call to a friend — Colonel Jacob Ruppert, owner of the New York Yankees.

Eventually, Phillips brought in major league hall of famer Jimmie Foxx in the prime of his career, along with a number of other major league players.

Cambridge baseball fans came out in droves, with about 4,000 spectators at game six.

Foxx ended up hitting a 450-foot home run over the left field fence as Phillips took home the title of best in Cambridge.

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