Brightside: Multiracial Books

DELAWARE – A Delaware man spends his free time writing books, specifically children’s books, but with an empowering twist to help all children feel included.

James Malloy is a construction worker by day and an aspiring author in his free time. Malloy’s passion for story-telling makes its way onto the pages, and hopefully into the hands of families throughout Delaware and beyond. “When they can read stories, it’s not just based on kids that can already read, it’s for parents that read it to them too,” says Malloy.

Malloy tells 47 ABC, that with everything going on in the world, he thought kids were losing a sense of “togetherness,” and he started writing books to help change that. “Nothing is separate, nothing is a part from another everything is together and just some encouragement to love each other and care for each other the same way,” he says.

However, Malloy tells us he wanted to take his books to the next level, because he wanted to make sure every kid could relate to the book in some way, and sometimes it’s just about what the character looks like. “If I have a book stand and I’m doing a signing and someone walks by and they didn’t see a book, then you have a lot of people saying that’s cute but my child may not be able to relate to it the way want them to.” Malloy adds, “So that’s when I came up with the idea of letting me do different versions so the kids will have options to pick it up.”

Malloy says he makes sure the children in his stories are illustrated of different ethnicities. His current children’s book has a child who is white, and a child who is black in the other, but both still share the same message. “We have to treat the kids equally, bring them together, and let them know it’s not just for one particular person if something’s nice, let’s bring everybody together and share it.” He adds, “So when you’re having a stand and have all these options of books to get everybody to stop by, the kids don’t feel left out they know something is there for them as well.”

Malloy makes efforts to go to school to read his books, and says he enjoys seeing kids light up when they realize there’s someone that looks like them in a book. “I make it for this person, that person, that person you know what I mean?” He adds, “I think that’s what puts me apart. I know a lot of people write children’s books but I notice how they write them at the same time so that makes me just a little different when I’m doing it.”

Malloy says he’s inspired by his nephew and the love he has for him to keep sharing books he and others can one day read. “I think it encourages them to want you to read it more. You see it, you want to read more,” says Malloy. “A lot of kids struggle with a lot of things and they go through a lot of things in life so something that could be positive to put them on a good way in life.”

Malloy also tells us, that he wants to expand his books with children of different ethnicities as well. He says representation in books matters and he hopes to be a part of that.

Malloy is with ‘GoodStories publishing and is always looking for more ways to get his books out there.

If you’d like to donate to James Malloy and his books or learn more about them, you can email him at Or call him at 302-538-4462.

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