OC Art League’s ‘Arts Day At the Winery’ exposes community members to the world of art

BERLIN, Md. -Wall art,  hand-made jewelry, and crochet garments were just some of the items up for grabs as the Art League of Ocean City hosted the 2nd Annual ‘Arts Day At the Winery‘ at Windmill Creek Vineyard & Winery. “We have a great relationship with the winery and we bring the community together here and its a lot of fun,” OC Art League Volunteer Coordinator Aubrey Sizemore said.

“It’s a really great distribution for the vendors themselves and the community to be able to get in touch with local artists,” OC Art League Gallery Assistant Kacie Neeb said.

The free event included an outdoor Artisan market with over 60 vendors, showcasing many forms of art.

Seven bands also battled it out on stage for a chance at a $1,000 cash prize.

Gerilyn Gaskill is a watercolorist who also teaches art and says her passion for the craft gives her a voice. “Basically, I’m a pretty shy person but my art just allows me to express myself and I can come out. It’s me speaking,” Gaskill said.

One of the most unique finds of the day was beer can candles, turning trash into treasure. “I just didn’t like the idea that we were actually throwing away art in my mind, so this is my way of recycling it,” Artist Sarah Betlejewski said.

“A lot of people love this idea. They’re always looking for their favorite beer and hopefully I have it. A lot of them go for the scent. Some don’t even burn the candle, they just like to have the beer can as decoration.”

I asked many creative’s I spoke with ‘what does it mean to be an artist?’ They say it isn’t just one answer to that question. “There is no wrong and there is no right. It’s just what comes out and people are so connected to what they do. It part of their heart and their soul,” Gaskill said.

“It is so very, very personal. But then you get a glimpse of who they really are. It’s kind of nice.”

Proceeds from raffle tickets and kids zone passes will go to support many Art League initiatives, including after-school programming.


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