Local church to host memorial service honoring DFC Glenn Hilliard


WESTOVER, Md. – In Westover, efforts to honor the legacy of the late Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard continue this weekend with a memorial service.

St. James United Methodist Church is spearheading the event, which will include testimonials from friends and loved ones and several other speakers including the Somerset NAACP chapter.

The event will also feature a candle-lighting ceremony.

Organizers tell 47ABC it was important to show their love and support for a community still in the process of healing. “He was still a father, a husband, he’s someone’s friend. Outside of the things that he did for work and for the community, he was a human being to them that they now lost,” St. James UMC’s Katrina Terrell said.

“A lot of times you only see the tragedies in our community, so we want to be able to come together and have great fellowship, friendship, and just show love and support for one another. ”

The memorial will be held this Saturday, June 25th at 1 p.m.

For more information you can call St. James at (410)-651-9580.

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