Gov. Carney urges workforce development amid recession fears


DELAWARE – As talks of an upcoming recession continue to rise, we checked in with Governor John Carney on ways he plans to safeguard Delawareans.

Governor Carney says his focus has been on the impacts of inflation, which is why his office pushed initiatives like the $300 rebate to provide more in the state with support.

Now his focus is to create more jobs. He adds,  he doesn’t see a recession being a reality in Delaware due to the current business climate in the state being unusual.

In fact, there’s actually more job openings than people looking for work. “And that’s good for workers because they have choices out there but that’s bad for employers because they can’t get their work done,” Governor Carney said.

“We’ve got a large, capital budget that will put construction workers to work, engineers, planners, folks that work for utility companies. But of course we have to have the workers to do that.”

Governor Carney adds that even state agencies are seeing the problems with recruitment.

He says he’s working tirelessly to find more ways to boost the workforce.

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