Delaware groups react to gun reform passage

DOVER, Del. – The debate over gun reform in Delaware has been reignited after lawmakers passed a sweeping legislative package to ban the sale of assault style weapons, strengthen background checks, and limit large capacity magazines.

Teri Murphy, Executive Director of the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence, is celebrating the recently passed bills and praised lawmakers swift action on the measures.

“We’re just incredibly relieved,” Murphy said. “We feel like the steps that the legislature has taken in recent weeks and the promised steps for several pieces of legislation that they will continue to work on this coming week are really going to make for a safer Delaware.”

Not everyone is on board though, and that includes Jeff Hague, President of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association, who slammed the legislation and vowed to launch a legal fight if it becomes law.

“We’ve been trying for years to get people to deal with the person, not the object, and this is again another attempt at feel good legislation that does absolutely nothing to reduce violent crime in the State of Delaware,” Hague stated. “Rest assured, Delaware State Sportsmen’s has already been in contact with attorneys who are already developing the cases. We believe whole heartedly that there are many constitutional issues with this legislation and we will fight it on that basis.”

While gun reform supporters praise the latest move by Delaware lawmakers, they agree that more still needs to be done.

“On it’s own, legislation is not a solution,” Murphy stressed. “We need to make sure that these laws are being implemented properly, we need to make sure that people know about them and are employing the best practices that these policies support in order to protect their families, their neighbors, and their communities.”

47 ABC caught up with Governor John Carney Monday morning in Sussex County where he said he supports the legislation, indicating that he will indeed sign the bills into law.

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