American Idol star, Jay Copeland, makes a visit to his old stomping grounds

SALISBURY, Md.- American Idol star Jay Copeland got a warm welcome home as he returned to his high school Thursday morning.

James M. Bennett High School students and teachers lined the halls with signs, balloons, and more. He stopped to take pictures, give out hugs, and even sign his jacket that he wore as a senior in Rock and Roll Revival. Jay then made a stop in the band room to speak with current and former Rock and Roll Revival students, which some of those students said Jay’s an inspiration.

“Just seeing how he started from humble beginnings, you know coming from Salisbury not a huge place and seeing how he’s been able to face adversity, overcome and still be himself,” Zoe Sheller, a 2018 graduate, said.

“I do think it does show that we are from Salisbury, Maryland and we just had someone on American Idol, it is very exciting,” Laney Marsh, a 2018 graduate, said. “I do think anyone can do it if you really work for it.”

“If you’re living in your comfort zone, then you’re living kind of wrong which is kind of what Jay is saying,” Brett Mitchell, a 2018 graduate, said. “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do something that you maybe haven’t thought about doing in the past and really take that leap to do something.”

Jay Copeland will be giving a free concert for the community at 7 p.m. Friday night in Downtown Salisbury.

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