Worcester County leaders hoping to bring new system on buses to help keep kids safe

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md.- The Worcester County Commissioners and the Worcester County Public School District are talking safety. Joe Mitrecic, President of the Worcester County Commissioners, said the school board brought commissioners the proposal to put cameras in the stop lights on the side of the buses, that would catch drivers who illegally pass school buses. The company BusPatrol would handle those systems for a fee, and work with the county, including the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department, to implement the system.

“Anytime a violator would go through the red flashing lights of one of our school buses, their license plate would be captured,” Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli said. “It will be electronically sent to my office where a deputy would certify that a violation occurred. Once that takes place, they would then send the company the vehicle owner information and then a citation would then be issued to the vehicle owner.”

Sheriff Crisafulli said as the area is getting more congested over the years they’re seeing infractions with people not stopping for school buses when they have their lights on. So, this new system could help his team, while keeping kids safe.

“The top priority is always going to be the safety of our children; and our deputies and our local law enforcement officers try to be in all areas where we can to ensure everyone’s safety, but they are not always right there when school buses are stopping and our children are getting on and off,” Sheriff Crisafulli said.

Mitrecic said while he also supports the idea he wants to know more.

” How this is going to work, how the pay out was, rental went and things like that, so it was sent back to the school board for more information and then they will bring it back to us,” Mitrecic said.

“The accuracy of them, that’s my personal concern,” Mitrecic said. “There were also concerns about I believe it’s $150 per month, per bus that you have to pay the company for rental and I was concerned how that was going to work out.” I think it’s a $350 dollar fine and so they would take the 150 of that for that bus out of that and then it would be a 60/40 split.”

Metrecic added he doesn’t necessarily think it needs to be a money making thing, but that they really need to make sure that children are protected.

We’re told eventually there will be a public hearing on the school bus safety system.

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