SpringFest sees encouraging turn out as festival season begins for Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md-  Crowds gathered in a strong showing for the first day of Spring Fest in Ocean City, the first event of the town’s festival season.

“If this is a sign of what ocean city is going to be like this summer, this is a very, very positive sign,” said Special Events Director Frank Miller.

Miller tells us over 100,000 people are expected over the event’s four days, but Thursday saw an unusually large crowd, as concerns over rain later in the week pushed people to come early.

Businesses owners say the crowd was lined up at the gate, eager to get inside the inlet to purchase craft goods, listen to music, and enjoy activities like beach tennis.

“When I was setting up here the crowds were being held back at the gate and when the gates were opened it was incredible how the crowd rushed in,” said Moonrise Candles Owner Mike Zemaitis.

He says as important as online sales are, for products like candles nothing beats an in-person shopping experience and he was thrilled to participate.

“It really helps when people can see your product pick it up smell it, especially with candles,” he said.

Owners of Chesapeake Jewelers, another pop-up stand at Springfest tell us, they know the customers they meet and sell to Thursday, will open the door to future business.

“The residual sales we get are very important people will go on a website or contact us we will be with them or make an appointment to design something special,” said Owner Melissa Bailey.

Beach Tennis was one of the newest attractions at the event, featuring a pickleball-style racquet on a miniature sand court. Their owners say they fell in love with the sport in Aruba and are thrilled to bring it to the eastern shore, complete with a tournament and lessons.

“This is just something new and simple and inexpensive family oriented so the city we are so grateful they had the open mind to this and what I see already is we will be back,” said Owner Chip Mcleod.

Ocean City Special event Director Frank Miller tells us, that helping local businesses was the idea behind Springfest, to get the season started early, and give businesses both at the event and those around it on the boardwalk and in ocean city a much-needed boost to kick-start the summer.

“The reason we formed spring fest was to get the businesses to be open longer tat the beginning of the season so obviously that had worked 100,00 people come into spring fest so businesses they are happy,’ he said.

The event is still on and will continue until Sunday the 8th, with new musical acts every day. A full list of programming can be found on Ocean City’s webpage.

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