Sen. Ben Cardin gets a look at upgrades at the Phillips Packing House

CAMBRIDGE, Md.- Maryland Senator Ben Cardin took time Tuesday to see the improvements and upgrades being made at the Phillips Packing House.

The project will provide job training, a shared kitchen space, restaurants, and more. Leaders tell us the project is coming a long nicely; it is now being fully enclosed, the first tenant is in place, and they are getting ready to open their atrium this summer for programming. While there’s still more work to be done, leaders tell me the project shows much promise for the future.

“I really feel this is a unique area, the Eastern Shore,” Senator Cardin said. “And, this provide an economic pathway for future generations to be able to enjoy the Eastern Shore of Maryland.”

“It feels fantastic, it feels like coming home a little bit and yet coming home and going wait a second there’s so many, many things we can do now,” Margaret Norfleet-Neff, development partner and project manager for Phillips Packing House, said.

We’re told the next steps for the development is getting ready for two more tenants to come in, as well as having people coming in to see and to really understand the possibilities of the space.

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