Rehoboth Beach praises dunes for preventing property damage following nor’easter storms

Rehoboth Beach, Del. – Beach towns across Delmarva’s coastline are assessing the damage to the dunes following the recent rough weather.

According to DNREC – most of the damage was in the south Bethany and Fenwick Island area, where the water went right up to the inlets.
Over in Rehoboth Beach, only the dunes were damaged, working as a barrier between storm waters and the town.
Rehoboth Beach’s Public Works Director says, in some places, the holes in the dunes are up to 6 feet tall, but that’s a sign of the dunes working as intended, taking the brunt of the stormwater damage, instead of valuable property in the town.

“We have a lot of fencing down a lot of steep excrements some 6 seven feet deep where the dune crossing was cut by the ocean so it looks we should be able to get them back by memorial day weekend,” said Public Works Director Kevin Williams.




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