Prince Street Elementary School students turn classroom content into art

SALISBURY, Md.- Students at Prince Street Elementary sang their hearts out Friday afternoon showing off skills they learned in the classroom.

The School has been working with artists through an Arts-Integrated Residency Program. For a week, each grade level visits with an artist where they turn content they’re learning in their classes into an art form. Principle Jason Miller said it’s a great opportunity and he hopes his students takeaway something from it.

“The content that they are learning in class is made fun for them, next thing is that they are able to retain that information through the song, whether it’s dancing, acting whatever they’re doing; and then the third thing is that maybe it would inspire one of them to be a traveling artists at some one point,” Miller said.

Drew Anderson was the teaching artist this time around. Drew taught middle and high school science and performed hip hip, spoken word, and comedy on the side.

This program is run through the non-profit Arts for Learning.

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