Pedestrian Ordinance now effective in Seaford

SEAFORD, Del.- In Seaford, officials are notifying visitors and residents of ordinance that just went into effect, it’s called the Pedestrian Ordinance.

This will prohibit anyone from standing on any median within the city and also said pedestrians have to be 200 ft. back from the center of an intersection. We are told the idea is to keep people out of high crash area intersections and make the public safe, as they have seen a rise in pedestrian and car accidents. They also have seen an fatal pedestrian crashes.

“We want to keep traffic flowing in a safe way and have the safety of the pedestrians at heart as well,” Dan Henderson, Councilman and Vice-Mayor, said.

“Motorists are simply not stopping for people that are walking or about to walk across the crosswalk, so it’s really a bifurcated approach,” Chief Marshall Craft, with the Seaford Police Department, said. “But, this is the step we think will be in our right direction.”

We are told right now the ordinance is being enforced at the intersection of Sussex Highway at Tharp Road and Herring Run Road and at the intersections of Sussex Highway and Norman Eskridge Highway and Middleford Road. We’re told they may expand the intersections where this ordinance is enforced.

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