Over $280K going to help volunteer recruitment, retention efforts at CHEER Center

GEORGETOWN, Del. – The CHEER Center in Georgetown is receiving $282,378 in federal funding from AmeriCorps.

The center provides services to seniors, and through CHEER, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers will support Sussex County CHEER Nutrition, Meals on Wheels, Kitchen Helpers, non-emergency medical transportation, and charities.

Chief Executive Officer of CHEER Ken Bock said this funding comes at a great time and it’s essential to rebuild their network of volunteers that experienced hard times during the pandemic. Also, to ensure they can continue to provide services to seniors.

“The timing for getting this grant could not be better, it’s just critical right now the shortage of volunteers,” Bock said. “And, fuel prices right now are making it very difficult for people on fixed incomes to be able to continue their commitment to wanting to serve throughout the community.”

This federal funding is from AmeriCorps and will support 1,000 AmeriCorps volunteers in Sussex County.

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