New legislation pushes for better pay for Delaware educators

DELAWARE, – In light of Teacher Appreciation Week, lawmakers in Delaware are looking to bring better pay to those who shape the next generation.

They’re doing that by introducing Senate Bill 100, which would establish an Education Compensation Committee with a goal to recruit and retain skilled educators with competitive wages.

The committee would consists of members working with educators, local school boards, and more to evaluate data and make recommendations for improving Delaware teacher salaries as it compares to bordering states.

There’s currently over 600 vacancies statewide, and lawmakers say a big reason for that is under compensation.

Bill sponsor Delaware Senator Bryan Townsend says as sister states like Maryland are taking bold steps to raising educators pay, it’s now time for Delaware to be in a position to match.  “It’s both a blessing and a challenge to live in a place where you border so many other states and what happens there can really affect us and our workforce,” Senator Townsend said. “It’s a system crying out for relief, crying out for support, and crying out for investments that will enable educators to start in the profession and stay in the profession.”

The legislation has now been assigned to the Senate Executive Committee.

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