New college resource center opens in Milford B&G club, helping students year-round

MILFORD, Del. – While students got a look at the college experience on Saturday at the college fair, the Milford Boys and Girls Club also held its grand opening for a new college resource center, which has a goal of helping students from all walks of life year-round.’

The center provides resources like college information, SAT prep, writing workbooks, time management skills, scholarship programs, and even a QR code to help students research what colleges have to offer.

Organizers say the center is just the first step to a larger goal and that’s to implement resource centers in Boys and Girls clubs throughout the first state. “Also highlighting and celebrating our teens who are actually matriculating in college, so having their photos and telling their stories in this environment I think will inspire students/teens even more,” says Dr. Pat Smith, CEO of Home Smith Consultant Services and Director of the Boys and Girls Club college awareness and planning program.

Mayor Archie Campbell was also in attendance and commented on seeing some of his alumni students there looking at colleges. “You can do whatever you want to do once you set your mind to it. So I’m going to tell my ex-students and the new students, that this is the time for us to step up.” Mayor Campbell adds, “Hopefully when they look at me and they find out that I’m the mayor, it gives them hope that it’s a possibility for them to obtain the same achievement.”

The college resource center is available to the public during the Milford Boys and Girls clubs’ open hours.

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