MD bills signed into law, helping mental health and organ, tissue donation

MARYLAND– Speaker Pro Tem Sheree Sample-Hughes saw two of the bills she sponsored get signed by Governor Hogan on Thursday.


The first bill mandates that at least $500,000 will be distributed annually from the Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Fund to non-profits, so they can operate a donor registry. The annual amount was set at $400,000 before this bill.We’re told this new funding will continue until 2027. Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes said this bill will not only create support, but also create education that the program is still going.


Now, when it comes to the second bill signed into law, it will require insurance companies to pay for any overage costs for Marylanders in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes said often times people have to seek out assistance outside of their coverage benefits of the network. She says families have to sometimes travel far to receive that assistance and, or wait long periods to receive assistance. So, Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes is excited that this bill got signed into law to alleviate financial burdens for consumers.

“It feels awesome because I know that mental health is something that ya know we speak about often and we talk about making sure people are aware of resources that are available and how to seek them out but in all reality its not as easy as it sounds,” Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes said.

To find out more about the bills, click the links below:

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