Local man has his eyes set on Dorchester County Council District 5 seat

DORCHESTER COUNTY, Md.- A local business man is throwing his hat in the ring for county council. David Beverley is running as an independent candidate for the Council District 5 seat.

He grew up in Denton, Maryland but moved to Dorchester County in 2014. Beverly said he’s worked in public service for the past 10 years, as a firefighter and EMT. He has also worked in corrections. Through his service, he’s been able to meet people from all walks of life.

He said he wants to use his experiences to help protect the community, and he wants to run for council because he believes that the government as a whole has forgotten their role in society.

“To me, the role of government really is to just protect life, liberty, pursuit of happiness of others,” Beverley said. “That’s really what really made me want to get involved because I feel like we have been removed from that.”

“I love this community, I have a heart for the people and I believe I can represent all and improve the quality of life of all,” Beverley said.

Beverly said if elected he wants to promote infrastructure issues and make sure there’s universal broadband. Also, he would like to make the county better for young people.

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