Legislators working to end the late nights on the final day of session

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DELAWARE – Delaware lawmakers filed a bipartisan measure that would end the mandatory tradition of extending legislative business past midnight on the last day of the session

According to the Delaware constitution, the general assembly begins on the second Tuesday in January and ends on June 30th. However, the general assembly must meet at midnight to vote and begin a special session on July 1st.

House Bill 411 would make an amendment to change the time of the end of the session from 11:59 to 5 p.m. on June 30th, which would enable the House and Senate to reconvene in the special session immediately after 5 p.m., and still preserve their privilege to meet later in the year.

Legislators say the late-night sessions have caused concern in the past, and some even say by changing the time would promote transparency and safety for community members who attend the sessions.

House bill 411 has been assigned to the House Administration Committee and is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday.

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