‘Explore The Trades’ event exposes community members to skilled labor careers


Berlin, MD. – “As a high school counselor, one of the areas I feel we need to build capacity for students is the trades,” Pocomoke High School Counselor Carlton Cartwright said.

Those in the field agree. That’s why Seaside Plumbing along with other local businesses hosted an Explore The Trades event Tuesday evening, exposing community members to a career in the skilled workforce.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports nearly 8 million skilled labor jobs were lost from the workforce during the pandemic. “It’s had so many bad stereotypes over the years. So we just think its really important that people understand that its a really honest, respectable, and awesome trade to get into,” Seaside Plumbing Owner Lauren Martin said.

During the event attendees got first-hand experiences from professionals, information on pay, and live demonstrations. The biggest incentive was Seaside plumbing offering apprenticeships, a recruitment move to tackle the current skilled labor shortage. “So we pay to train you to learn how to become a plumber and then after 4 years you can set for your journeymen test and be a licensed journeymen plumber and have some amazing earning potential,” Martin said.

“For a kids that’s interested in this it’s like a no brainer. They’ll get the training, be paid to get the training, have benefits, and end up with no debt. That makes sense to me,” Cartwright said.

Experts say for every three individuals leaving the trade sector, only one is entering. That’s why they say recruitment is more important now than ever to have communities across Delmarva equipped with skilled individuals ready to serve.

“People will always have plumbing problems. So robot will never replace the plumber or electrician. There’s just such a high demand for the trades,” Martin said.

Pocomoke High School Counselor Carlton Cartwright says he excited to see opportunities available on the shore for students, letting them know they have options. “This is an opportunity for us to connect them with people in the field as well, because then they’re more likely to follow through with their plans. That instead of just saying I want to be plumber. What are you going to do? How are you going to do it? We can connect you with people,” Martin said.

“Being here and seeing what trades are is really opening my world to new experiences and things,” Pocomoke High School student Kamron Thomas said.

Experts tell 47ABC while the shortage is a concern, they’ve seen some positive changes to the trade force including a presence of more women in the field.

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